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When one door closes…

To begin with: my year wasn’t great.
I had a patellar luxation in March and I’m still struggling with my knee which means I’m going to have to face a knee surgery. Somebody I knew died in a motorcycle accident at only 20 years. I failed my final exams and will have to retake them in October. I originally planned to go to an academy to become an elementary school teacher. To get in you have to do some tests - including sports. Because I failed my exam and have to have knee surgery I couldn’t study there as a normal student. I would’ve had to do the first year twice. Everyone who knows me knows I hate to waste my time. And I was devastated by the fact of studying 4 years instead of 3. So my mom and I came to the conclusion I should study something else at the university and try again the year after so I don’t waste my time studying the same thing over again. Coincidently a good friend of mine is about to study at the same university this year even the same subject. English and American studies. That’s what caused my change in plans. I’ve been to California this summer and will have the chance to do an internship at a graphic designer in LA next year. I also decided that I want to move to LA after I finished my studies. Now the awesome thing about English and American studies is that it is only 3 years and they recommend to do a part of the studies in a foreign country. Which is why I’m going to study English and American studies at the university and will do 1 or 2 semesters in LA. After finishing my studies I’m gonna move to LA. The most exciting thing is that my sister is going to join me for some time to go to school there. If one door closes another one opens. And in my case it’s a door to a castle. I could’ve worked as an elementary school teacher in Austria now I can work at a graphic designer in Los Angeles. Whatever dreams you have God wants you to dream even bigger because he has great plans for you. 😊

Fresh manicure. 💁💅

"Less complaining, more praying!"

- Vivien

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